self-adhesive, hot melt or wet glue labeling?

Not sure whether you want to label self-adhesive, hot melt or cold glue? What are the pros and cons? You can also use all labeling techniques in your production with one machine. Whether you want to process organic casein glue, alkaline soluble hot melt, or with transparent self-adhesive labels.

Self-adhesive, hot melt and cold glue labeling with one machine

The possibilities with modulan

Offers almost unlimited flexibility De Groot Coding & Labeling the moduLAN rotary labeling machine with up to four labeling stations with hot melt, wet glue and self-adhesive labels for almost every packaging and label shape. Customers appreciate the ability to choose a combination of label types using single modules, multiple modules or combination modules. The moduLAN is offered in three different speed ranges.

Advantages of this modular labeling machine

  • Highest technical quality
  • Labeling modules can be combined
  • Tool-less changeovers with quick-connect components
  • High accessibility for the user and easy cleaning
  • Wet glue stations use LANGGUTH's direct label transfer FVT18 magazine without glue pallets
  • Versatile and easy operation
  • Maximum flexibility and customization
  • Fast changeover
Self adhesive, hot melt, cold glue or wet glue with water-based labeling machine