Label jerry cans

Labeling machine selfLAN 510 represents LANGGUTH's most flexible inline self-adhesive labeling machine. Individual installation requirements can be met by integrating custom modules.

The selfLAN 510 series thus meets the demand for almost all round containers and many non-round shapes that receive single or multiple labels. Automatic adjustments, non-stop operation, different marking technologies or code readers can be built in. This series of labeling machines thus contribute to a high uptime and efficiency of your production line. High-quality engineering, robustness and fast, repeatable changeovers just underline some of the long-term benefits of this automatic label machine.

The possibilities of labeling with self-adhesive labels

Advantages of self-adhesive labeling

Depending on the design of the machine: front, back, wrapper or additional labels.

High efficiency due to fast changeovers, very good accessibility, simple operation and high reproducibility of the results

  • High-quality technology and components
  • Automatic adjustment can be included as an option
  • Non-stop automatic roll change with redundant labeling head
  • Dispensing speed of 200 labels per minute possible
  • Container orientation in the machine
  • Marking devices can be integrated

Label jerry cans