Inline labeling machine

The Wetlan 110 is an inline labeling machine for water-based wet adhesives. An ideal combination of good, efficient and environmentally conscious labeling.

Inline labeling machine with water-based glue

Labeling of round jars, bottles and cans

The wetLAN 110 inline labeling machine is specialized in the labeling of multiple round containers with a single label - patch or wraparound. To optimize performance, the wetLAN 110 includes three unique, easily switchable label magazines. The wetLAN 110 is unmatched in the industry for its adjustment range - handling small and large label and container combinations, plus the ability to be sized for slow and fast operation. Available options include barcode scanning, rejection, orientation, label / container marking, tamper evident and lid labeling.

Advantages of this label machine

  • Patch and wraparound labeling
  • High efficiency due to fast conversion and simple operation
  • Minimal investment in size parts
  • Attractive purchase price - economic effect
  • Compact design
  • Low cost per unit
  • Maximum operating time
Inline labeling machine