130 series: Labeling of glass, tin and cardboard

The wet glue labeling machine 130 series from LANGGUTH is the all-rounder among the wet glue labeling machines. This labeling machine is well suited for conical shapes such as buckets, as well as square cans and round pots such as paint cans. Two types of label magazines are available with the wetLAN 130.

Labeling machine for glass, tin and / or cardboard

Advantages of labeling wet glue

  • Labeling in one pass from the front and back
  • Also available as a convertible model for cans and cartons as well as various self-adhesive labeling applications
  • High efficiency due to fast conversion and simple operation
  • Minimal investment in size parts
  • Attractive purchase price - economic effect
  • Compact design
  • Lowest cost per package
Label glass, cans and cardboard